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What is FreePik?

FreePik premium is an infographic software that provides a search engine of free vector designs. Freepik provides users with high quality designs that feature graphic resources and exclusive illustrations that enable you to add your content that can be used in both commercial and personal projects.

  • 535,500+ resources (80,000+ every month)
  • 221,500 Stock photos
  • 824,500+ Premium resources
  • No linking required in Selection
  • Unlimited downloads (more info)
  • No ads
  • Browse easily with no interruptions from online advertisements
  • Facilitates continuous production of conten
  • Provides best quality in vector and PSD illustrations
  • Use illustrations for personal or commercial use without crediting the author
  • Rank your illustrations high in images and vectors free searching

Why should you use Freepik?

Freepik offers a massive collection of vectors, PSDs, and photos to all its users. There are millions of components to select from. It is not difficult to find the image or graphic that you need. In case you don’t find the exact thing that you need for your project, it won’t be difficult to find something that fills in the gap.

Who should use for?

If you are a designer, blogger or marketer, Freepik is a great resource that you can use to find resources and create your own creations.

Freepik Primary Offerings

Freepik offers various types of graphics that you can download and use. Here is a quick look at each of those offerings:

Freepik vector

  • Vectors are the primary offerings of Freepik. There are well over 100,000+ vectors available in 40 categories. There’s everything from animal vectors to maps, from logo templates to human silhouettes – there’s almost everything that you might need.
  • You will get over 80,000 resources for free usage if you are giving proper attribution. For premium users, there are over three million premium resources that can be used without giving attribution.
  • Resources reflect great design acumen of the contributors, but of course there are various resources that look poorly designed, especially in case of icons.

Stock Photos

  • Freepik also offers stock photos. Again, it is a freemium service. Some of the images you find on Free pik are free, but you need to give attribution. This is where things don’t work well for many people. I, for example, don’t like to give attribution. That’s the reason why I use premium stock images or I use a service like Pixabay which doesn’t require you to give attribution. Attribution is completely optional with Pixabay.
  • Anyway, if you want to use stock photos from Free pik, you are always welcome to do that. Just remember to give the necessary attribution. Also, in case you are looking for purchasing premium images where you don’t need to give any attribution, that is also entirely possible.
  • There are well over seven million photos on Free pik that you can use. There are 50 categories in which these images are stored, and all categories have a massive collection of images. Some less popular categories or search terms will not yield a lot of relevant images. You need to narrow down your search properly to find images that are relevant.


  • PSDs are one of the most important offerings of Freepik. There are PSD templates for a wide range of subjects divided over 20 categories. Mockups, emails, objects – they have a lot to offer. Yes, the collection may not be as massive as vectors and stock photos, but they still have hundreds of thousands of PSDs. To be more precise, there are over 200,000 premium PSD files.
  • These PSDs are perfect for bloggers, marketing teams, editors alike. All you need to do is download a PSD, edit it to make the perfect image that you need and voila! You are done! As before some of the PSDs are free (require attribution) and others are premium (you don’t need to attribute the author).


  • Stories are essentially illustrations. You can use these illustrations to meet your needs. Of course, you can edit the various elements like color, foreground, background, etc.
  • What’s great is that Freepik design even allows users to animate the illustrations. Adding animations is simple and straightforward. You can add animation for the entrance or exit. You can use loop animations like heartbeat, shaking, spinning, etc.


This is also a relatively new offering from Free pik that offers free editable slide templates for both Google slides and Power Point. Yes, you read it right. There are no premium offerings as of now and you can use the templates for both personal and commercial use. However, you need to provide attribution.

Freepik Editor

  • This is the final product that they are offering. It is an online editor that allows you to edit the Freepik templates to your heart’s content! It is a great resource for anyone who is looking forward to create stunning visuals for online or offline use.
  • There are many categories to select from including Facebook covers, Instagram posts, Flyers, Cards, Logos, Photo Collages, YouTube thumbnails, and more.

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    Everyone can recommend the accounts and premium tools contained in this website.

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    Everyone can recommend the accounts and premium tools contained in this website.

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    This account is really worth the money we provide, and the customer service is also very good.

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