Let’s earn money with YouTube

Let's earn money with YouTube

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Today, YouTube is considered as a platform used by most people in the world to watch videos. Due to the large number of content creators using this to upload their videos, a large number of new videos are added to YouTube daily under various categories, so it has become an application that many people use daily. Therefore, you can easily get money through YouTube by building a proper audience. Let us now see some such methods.

01. Youtube Adsense

Many come to youtube with the aim of getting google adsense.But unfortunately not everyone gets it. It has several things to fulfill. That is, watch time should be more than 4000 hours and subscribers should be more than 1000. Apart from this, the adsense approval is given by Google after looking at the content quality.

When paying money to channels that receive adsense, the income varies depending on the country where the views are received. The amount of money received by countries like America is more than the views of Sri Lanka. Therefore, we always target the international audience and those who post videos will get significant income.

02. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another successful way to earn money through YouTube. Simply put, what happens in this case is that after we sell a bond of another company, we get a part of the proceeds. It often gives you percentages. Therefore, you can get high income through affiliate marketing.

An easy way to do this is if you have a channel where you review tech products or other products, get the device or product you are reviewing through an affiliate marketing facility. Then you will get a special link that is only for you and if people who watch the video want to buy your reviewed product, put that link in the description. Then after someone else buys it from that link, you will get a commission from it.

03. Use of link shorting methods.

If you have put the link of other websites in the description of your channel, you can use a link shortening website to shorten the link and put it in the description. Be careful to only get it from sites that offer extra money

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